Comedy round-up

Here are some of the specials I watched this year that I think you might like as well.

Neal Brennan‘s special “Women and Black Dudes“. It’s Neal Brennan, what other title would it be… I also recommend you listen to The Champs podcast, hosted by Brennan and fellow comedian Moshe Kasher, who coincidentally also has a special. His live show takes a weird twist. One word: mime.

My weakness is strong” by Patton Oswalt. I remember laughing a lot. I don’t remember any jokes though… But it’s Patton Oswalt. He does not disappoint.

Mike Birbiglia is not your typical comedian. He takes you on a trip. He tells a story, not jokes, and is amazingly funny and charming. I strongly recommend watching “What I should have said was nothing” and the Netflix special “My girlfriend’s boyfriend“. Mike also has a movie you should check out: “Sleepwalk with me”.

Jim Jefferies has a special on Netflix called “Bare“. His previous special “Fully Functional” is also on the streaming service. Jefferies’ now cancelled FX show “Legit” (available on Netflix) mostly contains material from that special. An Aussie in America, what could go wrong…

Have you heard of a lady called Chelsea Handler? No? Sad. She’s funny and really funny. Her Netflix special “Uganda be kidding me” will make you laugh and wish sometimes you were blind. Watch it!

I know Nick Offerman from “Parks and Recreation“, but recently spotted him on “The West Wing”. I just started watching that show… Mr. Offerman released a special on Netflix called “American Ham” this december. It all him and it’s all good.


Most shows are available on Netflix. So get cracking!

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