Dear Jon

Hey Jon

I just watched your final show. And when I say “your” I actually mean “our.” You’ve been there for and with us all these years.

I started watching the Daily Show in 2000, when Bush, the “decider“, had taken office. I had to download it via torrents back then. Now I can watch it on the Comedy Central website with the same commercials month after month. Because I had to download it, I only watched episodes with guests I knew. Since the show became freely available on I’ve seen almost every single episode. (I sometimes have stuff to do.)

I adore what you have made of the show, and the energy you and your staff brought to the screen every single night. The Daily Show became my most prominent source of news. I’ve always been amazed at how much (and what I) ended up knowing about the U.S. (and the rest of the globe).

The Daily Show was the perfect mixture of comedy and facts, brought by a guy who knew how to deliver. (Trevor’s got his work cut out for him.)

I have gotten to know a lot of things, and a lot of interesting people and characters.

Thank you Jon, for your service. And don’t be a stranger. Let’s have pizza sometime. (New York style of course.)

Jon Stewart - I'm totally fangirling!

Sincerely yours


P.S.: You made a difference.

P.P.S.: When is Rosewater 2 coming out?

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