Plata o Plomo?

Narcos. You might have heard about Netflix’s latest.

Despite the lack of any wow effect, it’s an intriguing story based on the life of Pablo Escobar and the narcs that are trying to capture him and his following.

Nobody stole Tony Montana’s accent. Columbians speak Spanish. Americans speak English. As it should be. Though that was actually the only issue I had with the show, that I had to read subtitles. I don’t like’m. And yes, I really should learn how to speak Spanish. Such a fun language.

The man playing the role of Pablo Escobar does look a tiny bit like Vincent Chase, but his portrayal of the character, luckily, is nothing like that of Vince. Although he doesn’t come across as the evil bastard Escobar really was. Sure he does some pure evil shit, but the real Escobar was far far … fár worse.

Although it’s based on true stories, well, as true as these can be, they added some fiction to create more drama. You’d think the life of Pablo Escobar would have enough drama… And they left a shitload of horrible stuff out to make the main character more appealing. You’re not screaming at your screen “Kill that motherfucker!!!”, but you’re not a fan of his either.

The story isn’t weak, but it could be a lot tougher. I’m hoping season 2 will be much more raw and evil. Less bitching about not being allowed into the political circle-jerk.

I do recommend you watch this Netflix show. You’ll be plenty entertained. I mean, Luis Guzmán is in it. Can’t go wrong with that.

P.S.: [Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert] Yes, the dude in the picture is the guy who got his skull crushed. Don’t worry, there’s also pretty ladies with sexy accents for my lesbian readers. For example, Stephanie Sigman.

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