The Boy

Eleven in the morning is a rather unusual hour for going to the movies, especially a thriller. But Cinéma Aventure is a nice little complex in the middle of Brussels. A nice little discovery.

I was invited by the lovely people of Walkie Talkie for a pre-release viewing of “The Boy.” A movie about an American woman, Greta, who comes to the British country to be a nanny to a boy. The boy turns out to be a porcelain doll, and she has to follow a list of rules. She has to follow them by the letter. Not doing so would displease the boy.

As expected, Greta’s first thoughts were “Where the hell did I come to? And what the freakish hell is this?” Wouldn’t you think the same? Greta’s response turned into “Oh well” and she starts out ignoring the rules, but she learns quickly that her scepticism displeases the boy.

That’s when the movie could’ve turned into a good psychological thriller. The struggle between what is real and what is not. Is what my eyes are telling me true, or am I ready for the white cloth and the padded cell?

The movie has a lot of potential in it. The makers of “The Boy” portrayed it in the right way, as far as I know and can expect. Unfortunately the writers chose to take the Hollywood route. They couldn’t stay away from the (unnecessary) love story and the “Alright, let’s wrap this up.”-method. Greta’s backstory could’ve been better too. Not that it wasn’t an “Oh shit” story…

The story of the movie moves along well all the way through. But it leaves you with an appetite. Although that might have been because it was lunchtime…

IMDB gives it a 6.9. Rotten Tomatoes a 4.1 (Audience 6.8). I give it a “watch it at home on a Friday evening, curtains closed and lights out, and you’ll enjoy it.”

Also, the Jim Norton who plays the father of the boy, is not thé Jim Norton. :-/

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