Horace and Pete

Horace and Pete is a new show by Louis C.K.

I love his stand-up. I’m a fan of “Louie.” And then he made “Horace and Pete.” It’s (almost) nothing like I’ve seen before. There’s no audience, and no laugh track. It’s pure in image and in sound. The cast is incredible.

Louis C.K. (as Horace) and Steve Buscemi (as Pete) in the lead. Alan Alda as uncle Pete is crazy good. Edie Falco as Horace’s sister gives that Sopranos performance. Laurie Metcalf (yes, Sheldon’s mom) has one 30 minute scene and it’s fucking amazing.

It’s a lot like Louie. A lot more serious though. There’s comedy in it, but at times it’s gut wrenchingly good.

I full-heartedly recommend it. Get it at louisck.net for only $ 31.00.

If you need convincing, or want more info before you binge, listen to Louis’ interview with Marc Maron.

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